Yamas Controls Southwest Inc.

Dear Scott,

As you know I have been through some tough leadership classes in the past two years or so, I thought I was focused and committed until… Friday, May 3rd 1998, when I attended your Firewalk/Goal setting class.

Well, in just four action packed hours, I completed this impactive, empowering class. I have been attempting to quit smoking off and on for over a 25-year period with little success. This class did it for me. Something happened somewhere between, please put on your nametag, and those burning red coals. Two days after that class I stopped smoking and haven’t had a cigarette since.

Thank you for that Scott! This may sound intense and I’ll say it anyway, you helped me save my life! There are numerous benefits I have been gaining from this class. My theme now is Heart, Body and Soul with each step forward!!! I am looking forward to your other training classes and a long personal as well as professional relationship.

Very Truly Yours

John Grotjahn
Project Operations Manager