Tony’s Fine Food

Dear Scott,

I was urged to attend your Leadership Awakening course by my brother and one of our successful customers. Over the years I have had the opportunity to attend many well-known courses that concentrate on personal and inter-personal development, leadership and management skills. YOUR TRAINING IS DIFFERENT! Through intense participation, your course has helped me to see the world through an entirely new frame of reference. I see and feel new energy and unlimited potential in myself and in my relationships. I have a new understanding for the words “Team,” “Focus,” “Purpose,” “Vision,” “Commitment,” and “Passion!”

This training was a tremendous help to me, the individual. But, as a result, it will become an equally tremendous help to our organization. Tony’s Fine Foods will be sending many of its key team members to this training. Subsequently, I expect a dramatically positive shift in our business culture and in our ability to turn our plans and dreams in action. The bar is now being raised daily at Tony’s Fine Foods to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Sincerely with Heart, Body and Soul,
Scott Berger
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Empower U,

Thursday morning before I left I was a wreck. I was scared and nervous. I was tense and worried. My blood sugars were extremely high.

But I had been asking about Empower U since the beginning of my employment. I wanted to know why everyone seemed so happy and carefree. What was in the kool-aid?

Boy did I ever find out. I had the best and most rewarding experience of my life. Up until now I lived my life in a past filled with abuse and abandonment. With sadness and hope. I used to play the role of a victim really well and now……… I walk to path of a survivor. I have let go of all those feelings and broke down the walls that I had built from my past.

I now have purpose. I now have meaning. I now matter to myself and I know that I am enough. I am a better parent and person for having gone through Leadership Awakening. I thank all of those who believed in me and sponsored me to go through such and incredible process. Thank you!!
Cherie Trout
Accounts Payable Specialist