The 8 Multiple Intellects

Each person in this world is unique from anyone else.  Even those closely related think and act in different ways; we all learn in different manners.  Dr. Howard Gardner explained this phenomena by discovering that there are 8 different multiple intelligences.  Each one of these intelligences corresponds to the way people learn.


Interpersonal/People Smart



This intelligence quotient deals with an individual’s ability to work in a group setting.  Those with high People Smart intellect are good communicators, and have a strong sense of empathy.







Intrapersonal/Self Smart



Also known as intrapersonal intelligence, Self Smart is the most private of all the intelligences.  It deals with an individuals ability to understand their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.






Verbal/Word Smart



This intelligence type lays out the way a person uses words, language, and abstract reasoning.








Kinesthetic/Body Smart



Body Smart deals with the bodies ability to perform tasks with minimal instruction from the brain.  It relates to your ability to display emotions, body language, and kinesthetic actions.







Naturalist/Nature Smart



This intelligence deals with the way an individual reacts to nature.  It is related to the recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the natural world in which we live.






Visual/Image Smart



This is the artistic side of the intelligence scale.  It deals with painting, drawing, and sculpture.  Day dreamers have a high level of Image Smart Intelligence, but it also shows a great ability to learn from the sense of sight.







Music/Sound Smart



Sound Smart includes the capacities to recognize rhythmic patterns, and a sensitivity to sounds in everyday life.  Sound Smart is used to help people learn through music (think about learning the alphabet song), or express emotions, such as sorrow or joy.







Logic/Numbers Smart



This is most often referred to scientific thinking.  This type of intelligence works with facts and figures, and helps people to understand through mathematical and scientific reasoning.




Our Psychometric Profiling will help you understand the ways in which you use your brain, providing you with a map of your strengths.   It will allow you to understand which part of your brain works the hardest, and what percentage each of the “8 Multiple Intellects” play in the way you process information.   This information is critical in helping you to find the most efficient way in which your brain learns. 

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