Texas Barter Exchange

My JOURNEY began three years ago when I had a VISION. It was then that I started the Texas Barter Exchange and it has grown substantially-to the 2nd largest barter exchange in Texas.

Texas Barter Exchange has become a sophisticated computerized barter network, an organization of hundreds of local companies (thousands nationwide) buying and selling with each other without using cash. TBE is a small economy. Our currency is a “trade dollar.” Instead of cash, checks or credit cards, members use their Barter Cards to purchase thousands of goods and services within the network.

Our TEAM consists of Trade Consultants who work with our members to bring their companies an innovative marketing opportunity for new sales and increased market share, designed to minimize cash outlay for everyday business expenses.

The PURPOSE of Texas Barter Exchange is to provide members with an alternate distribution network to help their businesses grow. Like a bank, an exchange acts as a third-party record keeper, working within federal and IRS regulations.

Because the best thing about barter is that members can use trade dollars for essentially everything except mortgages, utilities, and taxes, the system needs members in all walks of life to operate at its peak. My daily FOCUS is not only to recruit new businesses, but to ensure the satisfaction of our existing members-by building their TRUST.

Since we began to FOCUS on expanding our service area, I find myself faced with the task of speaking to unfamiliar people in unfamiliar towns every day. As anyone in sales can attest to, that means brick walls-lots of them! When things seem down, I reach within myself and push myself again (before my Empower U experience, I would have quit). I have been consistently holding people accountable by expressing my thoughts, and I ask my TEAM to hold me accountable, too. Most importantly, all my TEAM members are on the Empower U Journey!
Eden Dankowski