Mr. Black:

I wanted to catch up to and tell you how powerful the Leadership Awakening experience was for me. As a development professional for eight years, I have seen and experienced what this industry considers optimal and benchmark leadership training. For two and a half years, I had the privilege of working for the Walt Disney World Company’s Disney University and I can wholeheartedly say that the Leadership Awakening eclipsed anything offered on that organization! What EmpowerU offers in this experience is far more than an exchange of information… I actually learned and applied what I was learning simultaneously.

One of the challenges facing my company, and many organizations today, is the retention of its people. Even employees considered as “star players” who are immediately eligible for promotion are leaving companies for better opportunities, more money, greater development opportunities and “greener pastures”. The epiphany I had during my Leadership Awakening was that employees will remain with a company that understands that leaders need challenges and rewards for applying their heart, body and soul to their work; anything less than that will decrease loyalty and commitment…and that brings us back to good people leaving. What the Leadership Awakening offers is the ability to live with heart, body and soul and how to extend that to others. As a result, I am far more committed to my company, fully engage and challenge my team, and operate with emotional intelligence and awareness. Another benefit I received was the new found ability to focus on the “now” moment rather than fumble through multiple tasks. My co-workers and even my wife have noticed the changes in me…more focus, intense commitment, patience and a heightened listening ability. I am focused and pursue what I believe with increased courage which has translated into an ability to successfully gain agreement.

Based on the results I have seen in my life, Leadership Awakening separates companies that say they invest in their people from those that actually do. Heart, Body & Soul.
Leon Lachance
Senior Manager
Leadership Development & Effectiveness