Tahoe Women’s Services

Dear Scott,

Thank you for another amazing experience, as I am now a graduate of Empower U’s EQ Communicating with Power. After attending Leadership Awakening last year, I realized that I am truly in charge of my life. Through the EQ course I received another reminder of this fact. I have encouraged many others, my spouse, coworkers and friends, to attend Awakening. The results have been unbelievable! I can now truly say, without a doubt, that Empower U is exceptional at providing the most effective approach to helping people recognize their own power. I have always been a believer in human potential, but it was not until I took these courses did I understand the real power which exists within us all.

Inspiring, motivating, challenging, encouraging, exciting, exhilarating, just a few words I can use to describe the impact both course have on me. And, my excitement continues to grow!

As a non-profit community service agency, Tahoe Women’s Services believes that every person has the right to live a life free of violence. We help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault reclaim their rights by providing safety, education, advocacy and support. Thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given our agency. Not only do these remarkable trainings empower the personal lives of all who attend but it will also affect the lives of those we serve. I am certain of this.

We look forward to the future, and truly appreciate the difference Empower U makes with so many people.

Melanie Kauffman
Program Director