Superstition Mountain

I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me in the last year. Completing Leadership Awakening really opened my eyes to a different thought process, enabling me to realize that it is ok to have challenges and ask for help. The combination of going through Leadership Awakening class and the Executive Coaching has given me the tools to discover the power that I have to make monumental changes in my life. I have never felt more confident and at peace with myself in my entire life. The comments that I have received from my friends and coworkers recently reflect the way that I feel.

I highly recommend to anyone who has the means to make time and start the Executive Coaching after they have finished Leadership Awakening while working in the other classes as time allows. I have gone through numerous training classes and truly believe, with no reservations, that your organization offers the most powerful and unique training that I have ever researched or experienced.

Note: Executive Coaching is not for everyone. Unless someone is ready to walk the talk, they don’t belong in this special training. It is useless without 100% commitment, a lot of trust and an open mind. It is designed for successful, overachievers who want to take their personal growth to new levels and quit accepting “good enough” in their personal and professional lives.

I would be happy to speak with anyone who has questions regarding any of the training that I have experienced thus far. Thanks again for believing in me and for your help in empowering me to become the best person I can possibly be.
Tom Salisbury
Sales Executive