How Many Ways Smart Am I?


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How Many Ways Smart Am I challenges the old paradigm of Intelligence with the new understanding of Multiple Intellects.  In other words, there are 9 different ways to be smart.  The book shows you how unique each individual is and the ways those intellects can manifest.  It explains the different ways to identify each individual’s SECRET CODE for how he or she learns, takes in information and uniquely processes that information.  You will learn how to identify and MAXIMIZE the 9 Intellects.  You will also learn  three different learning style channels everyone uses — Visual, Auditory and Tactile, and how learning styles are the key to the transfer and acquisition of information. The reader will also learn about Right and Left brain development, Personality styles and the 4 main processors in each lobe of the brain and what that means in relation to the intake and application of information.  This is a book that has never been written before. Be prepared to be awed at how unique and special you are.  Reading this book will prepare you to MAXIMIZE THE POTENTIALS YOU WERE CREATED WITH!



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