Dear Mr. Black,

When I was looking for a dynamic and inspired training program for our seasoned sales staff, I had no idea the depth and scope of the Leadership Awakening course. Relying on a reference from a personal business acquaintance, I decided to enroll my entire sales team in the course. The results I was looking for was a renewed sense of enthusiasm, purpose, and team building to drive our sales and company to new levels.

What I got was much, much more. This training encompassed areas that I had not even imagined. I would recommend the Leadership Awakening program to any company who is dedicated to a team approach and looking to breath new life into a company of any size or age. Its effect on participants is contagiously transferred to all aspects of business life, from company associates, customers, and to family in general.

The Empower U staff conducted itself in a professional and caring manner that enabled our employees to benefit the maximum affects of the leadership training. We look forward to sending more employees to this powerful leadership-training program, continuing our path for building a top-notch company and employees that are successful, enthusiastic about life, and their jobs. The investment we made in your program was worth every penny and returns will go on reaping residuals for years to come. Thank you for providing this dynamic program to the business community.

Best regards,
Scott Johnston
Director of Sales