The Intruder

A new day has dawned…my choice– can be a great one
New beginning
Clean slate
Something’s not right…feeling real bad, before even seeing the sun.

Startled upon Awakening… no desire of my own.
Held captive
Without thought
Feeling overcome…overwhelmed…dilemma unknown.

I cannot move, I am pinned to the bed
Fear the unknown
What will happen if…?
The force is so powerful, what to do?…questions…in my head.

If only I could call out for help, fight this intruder
Don’t give in
It’s reality…what can I do?…Again, I am the loser.

Please kill me now, don’t do the unknown.
The pain
The agony
To be abused, defenseless…in my own home

Cry out for help, like it mattered…if I did
A victim
Reminding me of being that scared, defenseless, little kid.

Put a gun to my head and stop the “Now” pain.
Sorrow, Guilt
Anger and resentment
All stirs like a cauldron, racing through my veins.

I need to get out from under this perpetrator of pains.
Stop the infliction
Jesus loves me
Why do I not secure my own home…does that make me insane?

How do I wrestle to regain control?
How do I do it?
What will be different?
If given the chance to LIVE…To continue my stroll!

It is crazy to sleep in a crime-infested neighborhood.
Lock the doors
Keep look out
It doesn’t take a genius, for this to be understood.

If not on the lookout this burglar is vicious
Steeling and lying
Hurting and destroying
Lost are the memories…intoxicating…bitterly-delicious.

What could have been, if innocence not lost?
Missed opportunities
Lost hope
Stolen with the material things, and at what cost?

The lies that were told to justify the action
Not worthy…
You deserve it…
Reduce me to less of a person—a minor fraction.

This molester of body and mind knows no limits
Altering lives
Slicing and dicing
Nobody knows the real cost…a voice reduced to mere “ribbits”.

There is only one way to combat this hurtful enemy
Fierce commitment
Intense focus
Choose to live and attack the attacker with the one true remedy.

To know your enemy and the weakness he possesses
Do battle
Don’t give in
Choose to Live, move beyond the limitations…the stresses

When you realize the enemy is living in your shorts
Control your thoughts
What do you want?
Your thoughts create reality…takes you to feeling’s ports!

How you battle this enemy…decides how big you get to play..
Thoughts become actions
Actions become behavior
In the “Now” victories… living life like it matters…day by day!


Scott V. Black
Culture Warior
Like It Matters