Parco Foods

Dear Scott,

Thank you for the opportunity to find the real me in Leadership Awakening! I came to your program with a desire to change into a better leader for my business. I came home as a total new person. I’m much more excited, driven, creative, persuasive, supporting, organized and purposeful. I don’t dread dragging myself in on tough days. I have also become a better wife, mother, community member and congregation member. I have a purpose! I have a personal and meaningful mission statement that focuses my energies and spirit.

As a Human Resources professional, I am always looking for programs, training and initiatives to include in the professional development plans of our employees. Something that will assist them in determining what they want to accomplish within our organization and what they need to do to get there. I highly recommend this experience to everyone! I didn’t realize how much I could learn about me in 2 ½ days.

Leadership Awakening isn’t about learning theories, words, and processes. It’s about intensely living as a true leader. There is no “faking” your way through it. The power and ability that can be found during this program is astonishing.

Parco Foods, L.L.C. has already sponsored several people in Leadership Awakening. I’m happy to hear from the graduates when they return, because they can feel how the program has changed their life. Talk about a fan club. You have one here, Scott. We want to see as many people attend Leadership Awakening as possible – not only from our own organization, but family members, friends, business associates and community members.

I appreciate what this has done for me and can’t wait until regular classes are held in Chicago. If you have people that need references before attending, please give them my name. Have them call me at 708-239-4191 (my direct line). Thank you Scott and please thank Andrew Bickler and Toby Jensen for me. They made the whole thing work.

With Heart, Body & Soul,
Kathy Bober
Director of Human Resources