Optimum Management Solutions

Dear Mr. Black,

My immediate reaction after completing Class 125 of The Leadership Awakening from EMPOWER U was to write a testimonial relative to the profound impact it had on me. Upon further reflection and your advice not to do anything major for thirty days I waited to see if the effect would carry beyond what so many inspirational classes and seminars I have participated in did.

Prior, everything would diminish over a short length of time. While retaining value, the impact was not sustainable at a high level. Now, for the first time, I can truly say that the impact of EMPOWER U is getting stronger every day. It has been over six weeks since our class and there is not a day that goes by that I do not apply the awakenings and learning of our weekend. In fact, the depth continues to develop.

As a human resources executive with well over twenty years of experience, I have attended many professional seminars, training and workshops. Most of the components of our Leadership Awakening were part of other workshops I have attended.

However, how these were utilized in our class was so much more dynamic and meaningful with sustainable impact. My life is better now because those who nominated me cared for me. Professionally, as a husband, father and friend I am living, learning and positively impacting those who I care about. This is really what life should be about.

In closing I think you know that I am very leery of hype and fads. The biggest reason is that they do not last and people develop a sense of cynicism. My executive and managerial coaching practice is based upon pragmatic application of sound principles. I can absolutely say that The Leadership Awakening from EMPOWER U is solid, based upon sound principles and is the most impactful session of any kind I have ever participated in.

Kenneth M. Helman