What’s New at Like It Matters?

Book Release Update!!!  We have heard from our Publisher and they have advised that the How Many Ways Smart Am I? will be released on December 15,2014.  We apologize for the delay, and thank everyone who has already purchased the book.  It’s still OK to order, so please do so by visiting for information and to pre-order your copy!


In anticipation of the release of How Many Ways Smart Am I?, we have created a Facebook page for the book. It is our vision that this will become a community page, for people to come together and share how knowing how their mind works has changed their lives. Please join the conversation on our Facebook Page!



Leadership Awakening coming to Minneapolis!

If you, or someone you know, needs a BOOST in their personal or professional life, the TIME is NOW to enroll for an upcoming Leadership Awakening class.  Check out the schedule for upcoming dates and locations OR schedule your own group for a private class!




The Journey Continues…

Let Mr. Black help you take what you gained from Leadership Awakening and make it part of the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Mr. Black is now doing one on one mentoring, Coaching and DAILY encouraging TEXTS and EMAILS. We all need ENCOURAGEMENT, let Mr. Black bring FIRE to every day of your life! Ask staff for details about how you can be ENCOURAGED to LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE IT MATTERS DAILY!

We are focusing on our mentoring and coaching program. If you have a desire to live OUTSIDE of class, the PASSION and VISION and COMMITMENT you experienced in class, then the coaching and mentoring program is ready for your ENROLLMENT. It is time to LIVE IT, every day, LIKE IT MATTERSContact our staff for more information!


Payment Plans for Leadership Experience classes!

We are now offering the option of setting up payment plans for Leadership Awakening and Leadership Adventure.  Contact us to find out more.