When I was informed that I needed to go to the “Leadership Awakening” training I thought to myself what can anyone possibly teach me that I don’t already know? A former U.S. Army Ranger who also went through many years of management training seminars and classes I learned a lot from the different philosophies and those considered to be the top leadership educators in the industry. My colleagues, peers, and superiors that went before me kept telling me that I will enjoy it, just trust the process. I asked many questions and it was like breaking into Fort Knox. No one would say a word which frustrated me even more. So I thought I would just do it and check off another box for company training. As I progressed through the training things started to come together. I must say that this was one of the best training exercises that I went through since my grueling days in the military. What I learned was what I had slowly lost through the past 30 years of my life. I found my strength, and how to tap into my energy again. I couldn’t believe that I was able to do things some believe to be “SUPER NATURAL” that I took for granted in my earlier years. “Talk about walking on air”. I was higher than a kite the day we graduated and to this day will never let that energy get away from me again. I am thankful to those that sent me and will keep an open mind when told to “TRUST THE PROCESS”. HEART, BODY, and SOUL.
George S. Boyko
Team # 479 With Passion

Well needless to say I was now anticipating going to the “Leadership Adventure” training. I was excited more so because I was going with friends, peers, and several bosses from work. Not knowing what to expect I found myself thinking all kinds of stuff. Most of which didn’t come close to what I imagined. What I can say is that this class was one that I took very serious and wished that I was able to attend years ago. Throughout my career I’ve been told by many people that I had to change. In 1995 I went to a seminar that taught me that I wasn’t the one that needed to change and that it was those around me that needed to change because they saw my strengths as their weaknesses, and were trying to bring me down (CRABS). I struggled for years trying to work between what I thought was the way I needed to work with others and the way they thought I needed to. During the Leadership Adventure I came to realize that both of us were right and that we needed to close the gap. It was just a matter of degree and perception. While reflecting on the mountain and projecting to the team, I felt myself cleansing my soul and realized during this process their perception of me changed dramatically in a very positive way. I know that we all look to be good people and be the best at what we do. It’s important that we focus on how we project, manage ourselves, behavior, and communicate to others understanding the importance of body language.

George S. Boyko
Team # 191 LIVES