5th Reports

5th Reports

At the end of our training we have our graduates explain what they have gained from their Leadership Awakening experience and how they will apply the lessons to their business or personal life.  The responses are very inspiring and encouraging!  We are excited to now feature these 5th Reports on our website!

If you have not been through our trainings and would like to live your life with more PASSION, and COMMITMENT and learn to FOCUS on the right things then check out our schedule and contact our office TODAY!  The time is NOW!

Click on a year below to read some of our 5th reports (identities of course remain anonymous)!




Leadership Awakening
Team #112
Notes to Myself

Benefits and Applications:
I have awakened! I feel empowered, confident, focuses, passionate, enthusiastic, hungry, ambitious… I FEEL GREAT!  I will apply my new found mission and zeal for life.  I will type my personal mission statement and I will print it and post it in my apartment.  I will make it into a bookmark.  I will write a mission with my girlfriend and I will encourage her to write one of her own.  Then I will write my vision steps for it – all of the steps.  I have learned to overcome my own worst enemy: my ego. I have learned how to feel and not just have an emotion.  I will use my emotions in conjunction with my sensory perceptions to make the best choices from all of the data available.  I will use my focus to accomplish fulfilling my mission.  And then I will use my commitment, vision, passion and especially purpose to define a new mission.  I have learned to lead, to listen, to empathize, to feel, to focus, to be the best ME!  I learned to lead by pushing myself and pulling my team with me.  I learned to listen with more than my ears, and I learned that listening is not just waiting to talk.  I learned to empathize by experiencing and then sharing my experience with my team.  I put myself in their shows and saw myself in their eyes!  I learned to feel by shutting my ego out and living in the moment to gather every scrap of information.  I learned to focus by making a decision of who I am and a decision of what I want and then using my vision to bridge the gap between the two.  I will be the best me by using the tools I have been shown I already have.  I will write a business mission statement.  I will write all my vision steps.  I will build my team.  I will focus to achieve.  I will use my heart body and soul to be passionate and enthusiastic.  I will use my purpose to always move forward one step at a time towards the endless horizon of my own choice.