Staffing FAQ’s

Graduates Make a Difference… By Coming on Staff at Leadership Awakening!

One of the most powerful ways you can make a difference is by being there to support others as they go through their Leadership Awakening experience. We get several inquiries about this amazing opportunity! Have questions? Below are the frequently asked questions with their answers.

What are the requirements for being on staff?

Being on staff has only two prerequisites — you must have already gone through Leadership Awakening, and you must be able to spend 2½ days having a great time making a difference in the lives of others, being 100% committed!!

What are the “perks”?

It’s like going through Awakening all over again — except you see so much more when you are on the “other side” of the processes.

You get the great feeling of being a part of other people’s transformation — in fact, in a very powerful way, you get to go through the transformation with them!

Your hotel and meal expenses are paid — you just need to SHOW UP & RAISE THE BAR!! (Air fare, if necessary, is your responsibility.)

How can I sign up for being a staff member?

It is simple to sign up to staff for Awakening. All you need to do is to contact us at the office with dates that will work for you. Assuming someone else hasn’t already filled the spot, we will then get you set up as training staff and give you all the necessary information. Otherwise we’ll find a time that will work for you. Typically we are looking for staff at least a month ahead, so consider planning ahead when you look at the schedule to pick the dates that suit you.