Patterns of Success

Patterns of Success is an interactive presentation that runs between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on Mr. Black’s perception of the needs of the group he’s engaging.


Success leaves clues.


These clues exist in the patterns that all successful people use for living their lives. The secrets to their success lie in what motivates them, what they focus on and the principles that take them from knowing what they want to living it every day.

 Scott V. Black uncovers these secrets in this fast-paced, entertaining and profitable presentation. Come ready to discover how you can experience even greater success while enjoying the process even more.

 Participants will learn:

  • The 3 keys to creating the life of your dreams
  • How our beliefs act as a filter determining our level of success
  • 6 crucial tools that create our levels of success
  • How thoughts and emotions work together to create more powerful results
  • Specific strategies and insights for uncovering your true potential for success

You will gain valuable insights from this presentation if:

  • Your work involves achieving measurable results
  • You are already successful, but want to take your success to the next level, including being more successful at work, in your family life and in your community
  • Your success requires working with a focused, effective team of people