Leadership Adventure

Part Two of the Leadership Experience

Part One: Leadership Awakening is about the individual. When each individual is committed to the same cause, committing 100% to their lives and their purpose a team is formed.

Part Two: Leadership Adventure is about a team of committed individuals. You will discover how to move a team to accomplish great things. In this team environment, you will discover when to step up and take charge, and when to be an active follower. You will learn how to leverage your strengths and weaknesses when working together to make things happen.

Adventure picks up right where Awakening leaves off. Adventure brings the Leadership Experience full circle. You will enjoy the Adventure journey, have fun and also enjoy bonfires at night! You will definitely have fun in this class. Remember, it’s OK to have fun!

Most of the course takes place outdoors as you challenge yourself along this weekend journey. As your path unfolds on this journey you and your teammates are presented with challenging obstacles where, as a team, you must come together to successfully accomplish each task you face. As you overcome obstacles and learn to build consensus, you will literally have each other’s lives in your hands. People talk about teams and teamwork, but in Leadership Adventure you will experience what a real team can be—what a real team can accomplish!

In HBS Leadership Adventure, the team actually runs the class. You build a powerful team and hone your leadership skills in a hands-on, total immersion environment. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets at Empower U is revealed in this profound weekend experience. In Leadership Awakening you created a team – in HBS Leadership Adventure you will take that team and truly experience Leadership in Motion.

Why would you walk out halfway through the best movie of your life? Leadership Adventure completes the second part of the Leadership Experience you started in Awakening. So if you are willing to accept the possibility that “You Can Do Better”… If teamwork is something you are willing to live instead of just talk about…Then this great Adventure is for you! Raise the bar and consider the possibility of being the ‘Best of the Best.’ HBS Leadership Adventure is calling on all leaders to go to the next level, are you willing to answer the call… with Passion – Heart, Body & Soul?

Objectives and Expected Outcomes:

  • Live the 4 C’s of Leadership.
  • Learn how to build consensus within a group.
  • Strengthen communication skills.
  • Experience the power of commitment within a team.
  • Pinpoint personalities to develop a high performance team.
  • Clarify your vision.
  • Learn how to push through conflict and come together as a team.
  • Build and develop stronger, more powerful and effective teams.
  • Learn how to capitalize on your team’s greatest strengths.

Leadership Awakening takes your leadership skills from level 1-25. HBS Leadership Adventure will take you from level 26 to 100 and beyond!

Call our office at 817-862-3806 or send an email to staff@likeitmatters.net to enroll in Leadership Adventure.

Prerequisite: Graduate of “Leadership Awakening