Morrison University

Dear Scott,

On behalf of Morrison College and United Way, I’ll like to thank you for a most wonderful and rewarding experience that you and your staff provided to almost 50 local volunteers and agency personnel. The participants came away very energized and eager to begin their annual campaign.

From the feedback I have received regarding the uniqueness of your training, I have every reason to believe that this year’s United Way campaign is going to be a record setter! I really appreciate the way you generously gave of your time and talents to make the event the success it was. I’m looking forward to working again with you and your staff. I know that it’s not expected, but I’ll be looking for ways in which I can step up to your level of generosity.

Thanks again!
Eric Hansen

Dear Scott,

To Future Clients of EmpowerU

This letter is one of recommendation for Empower-U, Inc. and Scott V. Black. I only hope it accurately reflects my respect and appreciation of this fantastic training program. I participated in the Power Goal Setting course only a few days ago.

For approximately one year, I have been marketing my home and looking to move into a larger house. This course gave me the commitment to personal goals needed to confidently move forward on the aggressive marketing of my home and pursuit of a that larger home. The result of that commitment was the sale of my home only two weeks after Scott’s course! I don’t mean to imply that taking a Power Goal Setting course with Empower-U will solve all one’s life challenges.

Empower-U goes beyond solving problems and teaches individuals how to solve their own. There’s a great story about teaching, “Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”. I will say this: Empower-U helped me readjust and focus my energies like never before. I firmly believe it is that incredible focus which allowed me to achieve a quicker home sale than I ever anticipated. It is with deep appreciation that I acknowledge Empower-U for helping me into the house I’ve been aiming to buy since December of 1997!

I highly recommend Empower-U, Inc. and Scott V. Black. This course is truly one of those very special life circumstances which enhance the human experience.

Thank you, Scott, for helping me be the best I can be!
John Burruel
Professor of Business