Mira Vista Golf Club

Dear Mr Black,

As a golf professional I am constantly searching for ways other than daily physical practice to improve my golf game. Please do not misunderstand me. I love to practice and do as often as possible. However, practice is very time consuming and keeping my golf game sharp is just one of the many hats that I wear as the Head Professional at a private club. If you cannot spend the time practicing there must be another way! Well, I found it at EmpowerU Leadership Awakening Team 201 weekend January 26-28 in Dallas, Texas.

My hope prior to the class was to have a good time and take with me some leadership skills that I could apply to my everyday work habits to make me a better leader of my staff. What I came away with was not only that but also commitment. Any person that has ever played golf at any level must commit to each and every shot if he or she wants to hit good golf shots. Poor golf shots ninety percent of the time come from not committing to the shot you would like to hit. Lack of focus is also part of the problem because the player cannot commit if the player is not able to focus on a particular desired shot and the result most of the time when this occurs is a poor golf shot. I now have a truly crystal clear vision and knowledge of how to focus and commit to any shot and if it does not work out then what can I say? I gave it all I had Heart, Body and Soul. You said something to our team during our weekend that I have heard before, but was not aware of how true it was until now and that was “The mind is truly the last frontier”. Truer words have never been spoken.

Thank you again for the most inspirational and useful two and a half days that I have ever spent to simply make me a better man. I am truly a leader that has been awakened!!! God speed and thanks again for everything!
Scott Sawyer
PGA Head Golf Professional