Law Enforcement Agencies

Dear Scott:

My job as the Training and Development manager with the Champaign Police Department is to find the most current and applicable training for every employee. This ranges from the civilian records employees up to and including the Chief of Police. This is what led me to EmpowerU and your Leadership Awakening course.

There are numerous “management” courses for Law Enforcement available but I was looking for a Leadership course to help our managers develop into the leaders that are needed in the changing times we live in. I can tell you that what I experienced in the Leadership Awakening course was nothing short of amazing! It is refreshing to find a course that focuses on the person instead of the persona.

I have been involved in many life-threatening and dangerous situations throughout my 15-year career in police work. One of my concerns with any leadership class is making sure that the course will break through the walls that police officers put up to shield them from what we face each day. It is very easy to become hardened emotionally as a defense mechanism. Your class showed me that there is a caring, enthusiastic person still there. Thanks to your wonderful staff of facilitators, I was able to discover the purpose, vision, and passion for this calling that I had thought lost long ago.

Your class is exactly what I was looking for, not only for my department, but also for my family, my community and myself. What more can I ask? I am recommending that every manager in our department attend the Leadership Awakening class to help them find their mission in life and their careers. What a blessing for a leader to have an entire team focused on achieving the goals of the department!

I am dedicated with heart, body and soul,
Lt. Michael Paulus
Training & Development Manager
Champaign Police Department