Lahontan Golf Club

Dear Mr Black,

After getting my “candle re-lit” the past two weekends from the graduation of a couple of associates of mine, I thought it might be an appropriate time to tell you of my experience before, during and after Empower U. Having been in the golf business for 24 years I will tell you that I have NEVER written any type of testimonial for any product no matter how satisfied I was with the product. In other words, this is a bit of a stretch for me. My decision to write this came after deciding I wasn’t endorsing a product per se, but I was actually endorsing life; be it my own or someone else’s.

In 24 years, you can imagine how many “leadership” classes I’ve been through. I went into the weekend of 1/8-10/99 thinking I was headed into another typical class that I would skate through and perhaps learn something new. In 1998 I lost my zest for life, my family, my job and my day to day existence. I was easing my way through everything and forgetting my obligations as a leader in all aspects of my life. Arriving Friday evening, I was informed that I was to have a roommate for the weekend. I quickly informed Gary McDonald that I hadn’t had one of those in 15 years and I wasn’t about to start now. Mr McDonald’s reply of “trust the process or leave” was the ultimate challenge and I made my mind up that no one would push me around; “I’ll show you!” Little did I know at the time that my internal fire would grow to forest fire proportions by Sunday afternoon. It was that flicker of light that Gary gave me on Friday night that allowed me to push myself through the weekend and come out a different person in many respects on Sunday. And believe me I did push and continue pushing to this day and I WILL continue to push for the remainder of my days on this planet. For I learned that I can make a difference, even if it is just in myself. Knowing that if I can make a difference in my own life, imagine what a change that will make in other people’s lives.

With most classes one attends you can come away saying I learned this or that and quickly forget about it by the following week. I don’t think anyone can say what it is they exactly learned in an EmpowerU weekend, but I know they can say that something is different and in my case very different. If I could sum up my weekend in a short sentence, I would say that the weekend was all about ME. It gave me the opportunity to leave everyday life behind for 48 hours and focus only on me. Fortunately I reached this realization sometime Saturday evening, unfortunately I didn’t know it when I walked through the door on Friday evening. Me was a very scary proposition and it was very difficult to dig deep to face all of my skeletons, all of my walls, but I want you to know that I am a better man today because of it and for that I thank you – HEART, BODY and SOUL.

I have been fortunate to sponsor five other people from Lahontan Golf Club to experience a weekend with you. We are all looking forward to what Lahontan will become having had that experience. From my standpoint, it is almost frightening. You and your team are extremely dynamic individuals and anything I can help you with to pass along this message, please don’t hesitate to call me. This weekend experience is for everyone; and if you have doubts as you read this, anyone thinking of going to Empower U need only know how fortunate I am to feel the way I do. I thought I was a dynamic leader before: Well watch out world! My sincere thanks to the entire staff of Empower U.

Michael Kosak
Golf Course Superintendent

Lahontan Golf Club – as sent to Scott Humphries of the Northern California P.G.A.

I am writing on behalf of a powerful and important experience that I have participated in and believe will positively impact everyone’s lives. As a matter of fact, thirty-one of our sixty full time employees have attended this program, and I am confident that everyone would decree that it was the most meaningful 2 1/2 days they have ever spent in class.

Empower U, Leadership in Motion, will allow participants to discover the power to make monumental changes in their life, both personally and professionally. Through a series of classes that follow Leadership Awakening, participants can expand their newfound passion with Power Goal Setting, EQ-Communicating with Power and Leadership Adventure. Strangely enough, this company is located in Reno, close to Northern California, yet their pupils come from all over the country.

As I have participated, and would enthusiastically endorse this unique training to any P.G.A. Professional, the Northern California P.G.A. recognizing and endorsing the program would express its commitment to building a better P.G.A. Professional. Additionally, the lure of C.P.E. credits would further qualify the training as being a useful tool in the development of anyone’s life.

Would you please consider acknowledging the programs offered by Empower U and allowing those attending Professionals to gain C.P.E. credits for any of the classes offered? I have enclosed a packet of information that fully describes the programs for your review.

In closing, for every individual that is desirous of living their life with Heart, Body and Soul, this program is for them. For those aspiring individuals that want to cross the line to want it, they will learn how to create it and how to live it. Not everyone can attend Empower U Leadership, but everyone who does, will become the best person they possibly can be.

Best regards,
Mark Johnson
Club Manager
Lahontan Golf Club