LaBonne’s Epicure Markets

Dear Scott:

This message of gratitude comes to you via my heart body and soul. I would like to express how this program has profoundly affected my life both professionally and personally. I contend that this program was extremely difficult but incredibly rewarding. At work I am a more focused and committed leader and at home I am a better father and husband. I am always mindful of the leadership tools that I left Chicago with, moreover, I have PASSION. The tools I speak of are the embodiment of the best me I am to be, a man with heart, with body and with soul. To augment my personal experience with Leadership Awakening, LaBonne’s Epicure Markets extended the opportunity to allow my management staff to attend as well. Together with my management Team and contrary to my many years in sports I have come to realize there really is an “I” in the word TEAM. This new belief system will undoubtedly raise the bar for LaBonne’s so much that it will set the framework for the next level of growth that is sure to follow.

Leadership Awakening had such an impact on me personally that I sent my wife soon after leaving Chicago. In my wife’s words her experience “was life changing, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her, a gift.” Presently, I am in the process of sending our fifteen-year-old daughter to Dallas Texas for the Teen Awakening and I am confident that at the outset of her experience she too will be thankful for the “gift.”

In closing, it is my personal mission to sponsor every person that is near and dear to my heart. For those who have not attended Leadership Awakening I feel that they are missing out on an experience of a lifetime. It is truly an awakening!!
Alan Bissonnette
Store Director
LaBonne’s Epicure Markets

Dear Mr. Scott V. Black,

It has been a month since our last team of managers came from their awakening class in Dallas. For those who thought it wouldn’t last which included myself, it is truly amazing how these individuals have changed. They have kept the spirit and accountability at a higher level. They are now fostering new programs in their store to convert CRABS into Angel Fish. This is being done in many ways like using crab patrol business cards with different slogans to spread the word of their new commitment to improving themselves and those they work with. Everything they do positive or constructive they do as a four-member team. This has shown their unity and commitment to everyone they encounter.

Two spouses have already been through the class plus two teens will be in Dallas next month, and more spouses are scheduled to attend in the upcoming months. They have seen the personal benefit and want to share this life changing experience with their loved ones. Our largest class of 5 left this week and will return Sunday July 13th 2003. The impact on the four that went in June I’m sure will be repeated this weekend. I can’t wait to see this energized bunch, which includes my sister.

I’m actually more excited about my class the end of the month in Fernley. Being an owner it has always been tough to get people motivated and excited about their work, their fellow associates and our customers. Now they are bringing energy and excitement to the job without having to be pushed. When I come back from my awakening class I’m sure I will be off the charts with energy and drive.

For me, this is the first time in our 41-year company history that it feels like we have a group at the top management level that is open to new ideas, true teamwork and accountability up and down the corporate ladder. Without even going through the class I am a believer and look forward to sending more LaBonne’s associates, relatives, friends, and other business partners.
Robert LaBonne Jr.

LaBonne’s Empower U Update

Five month’s ago we starting on our journey of change in our company. To date we have sent 18 members of our organizations with the 8 more to go in October and November.

So what is all the fuss about? What has changed at LaBonne’s to make a small retailer commit to so many people so fast. Things are happening unlike ever before. Energy and excitement is now in the organization where there wasn’t in the past. Accountability among leaders to achieve higher results is not only expected it’s encouraged. We have just finalized our Mission Statement, which was a total team effort to create. Next is our Vision Statement, which is in the process to completion. We have also set a list of Core Values that we all will live by. Next we changed our company slogan to “Great Food…Great People!” The company has recently seen the largest sales gains in over 18 months. We are re-evaluating our guest service standards and it has made an impact on our level of service we provide. We had our first company picnic in over 3 years, all do to the initiative of those who went to Empower U and the excitement they have about working and being with their fellow teammates.

I was told not to expect to see an impact for at least 6 months from another Empower U committed company; that is not the case at LaBonne’s. We are very excited about the new focus we have, and now we plan to take our company to the next level. I feel much more confidant about growing our company now, unlike in the past. We now have a solid foundation to build on for future growth. The attitude, commitment, and passion has never been this strong in our 41-year company history.

At LaBonne’s we are Living IT!!!
Robert LaBonne Jr.