Dear Empower U,

I was the first to attend your Leadership Awakening course for the Kraft/Nabisco, Inc. East area, and I assure you I won’t be the last. Not since my Ranger training for the U.S. Army have I been pushed to see and feel the abilities I have to live and love life to the fullest. I left the training with a new set of eyes to see what I have been missing, and a new set of ears to see the things that “up until now” I was not hearing.

Your training can teach the oldest dogs the newest definitions of Team, Focus, Purpose, Vision, Commitment, and Passion with a delivery you have to experience to understand. I have a fire in me that will last forever and I owe it to my great company for introducing me to the greatest two and a half days of training I have ever, or will ever have. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

My family and I thank Mr. Black and the Empower-U team for the Awakening. May God bless you all!

Your biggest fan,

Hector A. Dilan, Manager of Customer Logistics
Kraft/Nabisco, Inc.
Biscuit & Snack Division
Westbury, N.Y. 11787

Dear Mr. Black,

I want to thank you for helping me be a better man. I can truly say that Empower U has helped me change my life in several ways.

In January 2007, I attended Leadership Awakening. Upon arrival at the class site I remember asking myself What am I doing here?” I had very little inkling as to what was in store. My sponsor just told me that it was a great experience and to trust the process. I was quite skeptical but I knew that my company had prepaid for my attendance so it was expected that I go through the course.

The next two days were an amazing journey and a wild ride. At first things did not make sense. Why were we doing these different exercises? What is this all about? WHO IS THAT GUY facilitating the class?

But I stayed the course; it took a little while and sure enough, the more I let my guard down, the more I gave myself to the process. The more intense things got, the more I began to really see what was happening (or rather – not happening) in my life. What an eye opening experience! That’s when I really dug down deeper for more. Changes were put in place that day that have taken me in a new direction.

After graduation I was on fire for a few weeks and then a “new normal” took a hold of me. Yes, the adrenaline subsided (if only I could bottle that feeling!) but now I see things differently. Every day I am striving to be a better man; a better husband; a better father; a better friend; and a better co-worker. It still is a struggle some days but I’m moving forward. I have repaired some damaged relationships with people I love and have strengthened others. Simply put, I am happier than I have been in years.

Flash forward to May 2007 and Leadership Adventure in Texas. I know that you remember this team – 13 coworkers from Kraft. A remarkable 3 days! Again, I wasn’t sure what to expect but this time I could not wait to go. As a leader under construction I knew that I had come a long way but still have a long way to go. Adventure was everything and more that I thought that it might be. Prior to attending Adventure I was questioning where my career going. I desperately wanted to advance yet was seeing few, if any, opportunities on the horizon. I felt that I was running out of time and that I wasn’t ever going to get a chance.

Then I stood in the “Triangle of Truth” that first evening. ..the truth comes out. No hiding from it here. I faced the things that were holding me back and over the next couple of days I made huge strides in freeing myself of the irrational fears and doubts that were stifling me. Honesty – what a concept!

I got some much-needed validation at Adventure and learned more about myself. And during the final exam I left all of that baggage in a pasture outside of Muenster, Texas. Up until now I had let those thoughts hold me down. No more! Gone!

I picked up a purple rubber H.B.S. bracelet that day and have not taken it off since. It is a tactile reminder of the commitments I made to myself. When doubts creep back in, a glance at my wrist or a tug on the bracelet and I am reminded of where am going – not where I have been. No retreat – no armor on my back – always moving forward.

A few of weeks ago I was promoted to a position that I have been pursuing for years. I have finally achieved a goal that I’ve had for a long, tong time. Now it would be silly and naive to think that I got the promotion because I had attended Empower U. I had been identified as a candidate months ago. BUT.. … now I know that I am worthy, I do deserve the opportunity and I will not allow those old fears, uncertainties and doubts hold me back ever again – personally or professionally. Ed Waitt Lives!!

Thanks for doing what you do.. . ..
Ed Waitt
West Area Director of Customer Logistics
Kraft/Nabisco, Inc.