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Dear Scott,

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your staff for your Leadership Awakening. I did not realize what an incredible experience it would turn out to be. The fact that I am a graduate from “the other company” (Rapport Leadership) made me feel as though I knew what was in store and would spend the weekend observing and just helping out. Nothing was further from the truth. How can a person watch people break down walls, overcome failure and commit to a common team goal with heart, body and soul without being moved. My whole body hurt from giving all that I had, all that I am, to the common goal of the team. You require that of every person in the room and you will not accept any less, for this you have my deepest respect. The differences between your Leadership Awakening and Rapport Leadership were significant. I found the whole experience to be much more compassionate and could see a definite plan which was executed perfectly.

The emotional roller coaster that I experienced with Rapport was at times unfair, the point was sometimes unclear and part of the exhilaration that I felt at graduation was mostly just happiness to get the hell out of there! I never heard from Rapport again except for the occasional newsletter to “try” to sell me another class. I truly feel the classes with your internet site and homework is not only an excellent idea, but such an important part of the process. It is when an individual takes what they have learned in EmpowerU and lives it that the real awakening sets in.

I look forward to taking the additional classes with EmpowerU. I feel that unlike others, you and your staff are living examples of the principles that you teach. I wish you success and feel that you truly are making a difference in the world; like the man who saved the starfish, one life at a time.

Tricia Russell
Account Executive

Dear Scott,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, to you and your incredible team! All of us who attended your training owe a great debt for teaching us that the only limitations we possess are our own. Only two people in our 18 person team have ever experienced this type of motivational activation, everyone else was BLOWN AWAY (and so were the two of you)! Your ability to help us see and establish solid goals, bring our two salespeople together as a team, and work to achieve those goals was awesome!

Following our training with EmpowerU, we had the biggest sales month in the history of the station!

Looking forward to our next opportunity for growth. Thank you Scott, Kimberly, and the rest of the pros at Empower U.

Raina Weathers
Sales Manager