Howmet Castings

Dear Scott:

Ten months ago, a very good friend introduced me to Empower U. At the time, I didn’t understand what he was going to do there, but was very impressed with what I saw upon his return and signed up for myself!

Despite the positive impact, I was not able to get a full account of the training from him before attending. So, at first, I was apprehensive and skeptical.

What an incredible experience!! In just 2 1/2 days of “Leadership Awakening” I experienced more than any other class or seminar I’ve ever taken! Your training gave me a new vision of my professional life, as well as my personal life.

I am committed to share this, Life Altering Experience, with other Howmet leaders, so they can live their lives to the fullest. Since my session we have sponsored 6 others from our company. The impact is incredible — unleashing the Power of Teamwork! The investment we are making in this training will generate positive returns for us over and over.



Dwain Snow
Plant Manager