House CEO

Not everyone who attends Leadership Awakening is from the corporate world. Here is a letter from some of our “House CEO” graduates:

Dear Scott,

I didn’t think your Leadership Awakening course was for me. After all, I was “just” a housewife and mom who did a little free-lance writing on the side. “Who am I to take this course alongside all these business managers and CEO’s?” I asked my husband, whose company recently sent him to the class.

“Who are you not to?” was, in essence, his reply.

How right he was. What an incredible journey I’ve begun!!! In just over two days, this powerful experience changed the way I look at the world. It’s as if I took the filter off my lens and am seeing things as they are for the first time in my life. This experience has made me a much better mother, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor and citizen – and I’ve only been home from the ranch two days!

Let me give you an example. My 8-year-old, Jack, often has horrendous homework tantrums. Pencils fly, books hit the wall, crayons get broken in half. It happened again this morning when he got stuck on a math problem. Up until now, I would have handled it by yelling, “Jack, this is unacceptable behavior! Go to your room!” This time I said calmly, “Jack, I’m hearing that you’re confused and frustrated because you don’t understand this problem yet, and you need help.” The tantrum stopped abruptly and I was able to help Jack focus and solve the problem. It was a win-win situation – all because I really listened for the first time.

This kind of stuff has been happening continuously since I’ve been home. It’s uncanny, almost magical, how I seem to know exactly how to handle every situation that comes along. I could never have gotten this from a book or a tape. Only by experiencing this intense process you call Leadership Awakening could I unlock the power that was in me all along.

I am so excited about my life. For the first time, I know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. Best of all, my husband and I are working together as a team. Standing with him at my Leadership Awakening graduation ceremony was better than our wedding day.

We’ll never know the ripple effect we create, but the thought of it blows our minds. THANK YOU, Scott, for this unique, outstanding program and for your passion and commitment. I will recommend Leadership Awakening to everyone I know. I expect a lot of moms like me to be knocking at your door.

Sincerely – with Passion: Heart, Body & Soul,
Dayna Dunteman
Team #289

Dear Mr. Black,

I had the pleasure of attending class #298. It has been the most intense and rewarding training I have ever experienced.

During my life I have experienced many hardships. Although I am in recovery for a long length of time, there were many situations I did not deal with and the doors were always opened and it hurt badly.

Today, because of Empower U, I live a full, rewarding life. The cracks and holes are sealed. What a wonderful powerful feeling not to walk around hurting. It has enhanced my sobriety to a level it had never reached before.

I do not stand back anymore but go forward. I look at situations now and see how I can make a difference, which is my passion.

How can I ever thank you for the gift you have given me? I feel strength, courage, freedom and confidence. My passion for life and fulfillment is overwhelming. When I am with others in a private or professional setting, I boast at the seams about Empower U and the outcome.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With Passion-Heart, Body and Soul,
Arlene Tierney-Pierce