Hans M Sander, MD

Dear Scott,

I am writing to let you know how I feel about the Empower U seminar I attended last month. It was the best educational, nonacademic experience of my life.

I have completed many years of college and professional education, but I never took the time to learn about myself. University education can prepare oneself for intellectual growth, but it does not guarantee personal growth. What I experienced in your seminar was an awakening about my life goals. I came to realize what I needed to do to move forward toward achieving my goals and gained insight into the things that have been holding me back from being my best.

I would recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to better him or herself. It was a very challenging weekend spending time with the Empower U team. I had to work much harder than I ever thought I would, but any mission so important is worth the extra effort.
Hans M. Sander, M.D.