Dear Empower U,

As I approached the green door to Empower U’s Leadership training on February 22, I must say that my mind was thinking about all the other things that I could have been doing. Many more significant things than going through another training course. However, to this moment I wish I was back behind those doors. Your course has lifted me and has made a difference in my personal and business life.

Up until now I was a person who thought life was good. Now it’s not good enough. I want more out of life and thanks to your Leadership Awakening course I get that and a whole lot more.

I will always be thankful to my boss who chose me to be the first to attend your course. Being the only one however will not be acceptable. Scott, you have my commitment that I won’t be the last. I have made the challenge to our organization, and it is with great pride that I let you know that two more have committed to the experience. You often said that words were just letters that took up space. However, now these words that I write or say have compassion and meaning. I commend you for your training course and thank you for putting the fire and drive back into my heart.

Thank you again with Heart, Body and Soul,
Kenneth J. Pringle, Regional Finance Manager
GE Capital