FieldCentrix, Inc.

Mr. Black

It’s been nearly seven years since you first impacted my life. I’ll remember it forever.

I was choking down the last morsels of (what appeared to be) a slab of batten-board wood siding wedged between two buns, when you leaned to my ear and told me to arrive at the “theater house” fifteen minutes before the rest of my class. And in my usual manner – usual at the time, that is – my thoughts brimmed with fear and anxiety, not knowing what fate awaited me.

Looking back now, those fifteen minutes would become the divide between my former and present lives. For within the ensuing forty-three- hour period, what you refer to as “the ripple effect” awakened the leader in me – heart, body and soul – with the force of a tsunami.

Having now witnessed numerous times the power of your mission – to see a class of total strangers transformed into a fully committed team of empowered leaders… repeatedly, class after class – continues to turn my world right-side up. I wonder aloud about how powerful it would be if the world’s six billion people would take the time to strengthen the relationships in their lives the way you, in a mere weekend, have shown thousands of graduates to strengthen theirs. Then I think of how powerful it would be if the country’s 300 million citizens would take that time; or my company’s 100 employees; or just my immediate neighbors and family. Eventually I am struck by the same awareness as that Chinese emperor – to change the world I must change myself. Continuously, every day… dust myself off, and hit it again… as if it’s the first time.

I am deeply indebted to you for enriching my life with the lessons and experiences of Empower U, and I admire your commitment to changing the world through Leadership in Motion. You’ve created a tsunami, one ripple at a time, and seven years after first being touched by that ripple, I recently walked away with a keen and renewed awareness of just how profoundly that force has touched my life, and the lives of the people I’ve touched.

You’re an amazing man, Scott. Not in a “bigger than life” sort of way, but in a “live life bigger” way. You’ve carved a dash wide and deep by helping thousands of people see their dash in all it’s glory. A dash that’s been there all along, but that so often becomes shrouded by walls of fear, hate, greed and mistrust. It is truly amazing to consider the thousands of hearts you’ve helped open, to unleash the power and love pent up behind those walls, and to have eliminated the wrath of those walls that would have otherwise been unleashed on the world.

I can think of many ways to express my thanks to you, the least of which will be referring future graduates to Empower U. But the most significant way I will show my gratitude is to live every day of my life with the passion and enthusiasm you’ve helped open in my heart, body and soul, and to build ripples upon ripples until my dash, too is as deep and wide as a tsunami. I remain…

Under construction,
Steve Svoboda
Director of Professional Services Building People