Fairway & Greens

Dear Scott,

Every step we take in our lives is part of an ongoing education. We experience, we learn, we grow. But being awakened… that’s something else altogether. That’s a rare gift, and it’s there for everyone, but many of us just can’t find it, or we’re afraid to embrace it.

Thanks to Empower U, I am no longer afraid. I have been awakened, and I have acknowledged and accepted a gift that comes not from anyone else, but from my own heart. In three incredible days late this winter, I discovered my purpose as a father, friend, businessman and human being. I have a new fire for life now, and it’s too strong to extinguish.

I have a high school education and a college degree. I have tasted success in my business endeavors and forged many wonderful friendships. My children love me, and I love them. But now all my accomplishments and relationships boast a powerful new glow. I feel strong and confident as a single parent to my two sons, my older son preceded me in Empower U and his experience was so positive, I had to follow him. It’s the greatest decision I’ve ever made as a father. Our relationship can now only be described as AWESOME.

In the three months since I completed Empower U, I’ve sponsored 15 of my closest friends through the program, and their reaction has been 100 percent positive. They share my fire, my renewed passion for life, and we feel a bond that’s stronger than anything we’d experienced before. As a businessman, I approach each day with enthusiasm, confidence and rock-solid belief in my abilities and ideas.

Thanks, Empower U.

Kevin Beachboard
Co-Owner, Publisher