Dober Group Research Works

Dear Scott:

Our company strongly believes that training our people is a critical component to our success. We have been searching to invest in a training program aimed at taking the effectiveness of our Leadership Team to the next level. Recently, one of our customers shared his experience with Empower-U. Based on his and other very positive reviews, we decided that we would send our leadership team to Empower-U’s Leadership Awakening course.

We sent 12 people from our leadership team to partake in this course. To be perfectly honest, we did not know what to expect. What we did know is that we wanted our Leadership Team to grow and develop in a positive fashion. This expectation was blown away! As one of our leaders put it, “I saw 12 men go into that program and I saw 12 changed men come out.”

Leadership development is something we all believe in but struggle to find the right vehicle to get us there. Empower-U led my team and I through a process that has equipped us with the right tools and sound understanding of how we can be better “much” better leaders; both personally and professionally.

You’ll be seeing more Dober leaders soon and as for the 12 who have already been – we can’t wait for the Leadership Adventure course.
Christopher J. Dobrez
Executive Vice President