Having recently completed the Leadership Awakening program offered by EMPOWER-U, I have come to the conclusion that this program is without doubt the best experience of this type I have participated in during my thirty-year business career. I found the program extremely intense, challenging and personally insightful.

The program draws on proven instructional methods developed for and used by business, military and communication enhancement specialists. The training staff are consummate professionals. They lead the way through a carefully structured series of exercises, examples and application experiences that facilitate the individual participants understanding of themselves and their roll and mission in life.

The entire process takes only two and a half days to complete but a lifetime worth of skills, attitudes and experiences are compressed into that time frame. It was for me, and I am sure it will be for many others the best investment of two and a half days anyone could ever make.

The outcome of my experience has been the planning and commitment on the part of my organization to send twenty of our Sales Staff, Professional Services Staff and Senior Management to attend this program over the next two months

What more positive example of my estimation of the value of the program could I possibly provide than that?
Larry Sinclair,
General Manager
Dealer Division