I’ve had business associates encouraging me for over one year to attend the Leadership Awakening course. Like most people I gave them the cursory head nod and said I will get back to them about scheduling it in. Fortunately for me these business associates were also very good friends and they continued to tell me about the great benefits they have received from going through the training and they finally convinced me to attend the training class in Reno in October.

I approached this training like so many other training classes that I had attended. I packed my laptop and brought my cell phone ready to get “caught up” on stuff in between training over the course of the weekend. When I arrived at the ranch I immediately realized this was going to be training like no other training I had ever attended. The intensity level was turned up to extreme and I could see that my trainers were committed to challenging us to make us better leaders.

Over the course of the weekend training I was able to understand barriers that were holding me back and lay a solid foundation to overcome those barriers as they come up after I left the training. This training provided me with a renewed outlook on my personal and professional life. I have a renewed sense of purpose in my life which incorporates a vision with passion and commitment that will affect not only myself but those around me.

My hats off to the Empower U staff, especially Mr. Bickler and Mr. Briggs, for not only showing our team how to be enthusiastic about life but also live this philosophy in their every day lives. I look forward to sending people in our organization through this training so they can live their lives to its fullest and never settle for “Good Nuff”. The investment we will make in this training will reap benefits over and over, thank you for making us better people!

John Soderquist
CRS, Inc.