Dear Scott,

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Awakening program, what sterling job you and the staff at Empower U have done. I have attended countless training programs ranging from public speaking to business management to strategic selling and none has effected my life as much as Leadership Awakening.

In a very short time I was transformed into a different person. Your program identifies the fundamental qualities we all possess as human’s but rarely use on a daily basis. Focus, Commitment, Team, Passion, Vision and Purpose are powerful human elements that one draws upon as one moves us to a higher level of consciousness. Leadership Awakening has given me the capability and education on how to tap into each of these elements to specifically identify my life goals and with passion remain focused and committed. I truly found a part of me I never knew existed.

I am scheduling my wife and our two daughters, and every business associate that directly reports to me to attend Leadership Awakening in the coming months.

Very truly yours with heart, body and soul,
John Giorgio
Vice President, Sales

Dear Empower U,

The Leadership Awakening program is the most thought provoking experience that I have had in my professional and personal life. After attending numerous training programs, I thought that this would be just one more – how surprised I was!

In about 48 hours I was transformed and awakened by newfound purpose, commitment and passion for my personal and business life. My family and business colleagues notice the change, seeing a side of me that even I did not know existed. I am able to share purpose, commitment and focus with my business associates, which has resulted in improved performance and teamwork in just the past week. It is amazing how quickly “try” and “good enough” are not acceptable in a discussion of meeting commitments.

Personally, my family is seeing a positive change in my attitude and focus on their needs and my passionate involvement in their lives.

I am scheduling my wife to attend Leadership Awakening very soon and the entire senior management team of CompuCom will attend by the end of May.

Leadership Awakening has allowed me to break through the walls that I have built to bring the qualities of purpose, commitment, vision, focus and passion to my business and personal relationships.

With Heart, Body and Soul,
Anthony F. Pellegrini
Senior Vice President, Sales