Coca Cola North America

Dear Scott:

The purpose of my communication is to thank you and your entire organization for the powerful experience I had in your Leadership Awakening class last month in Reno. I was skeptical of this training and wanted to resist when I found out it was not going to be your typical textbook training class. The experience I had 30 days ago was the most powerful training and life experience I have ever had, and it still burns strong within me.

Some of the basic tools that you and your team introduced me to during your training I am still using! Most training materials from classes I have been to in the past find their way to the dusty corner in my office. The Empower U tools and materials I carry with me on a daily basis. Reconnecting with these materials every day is something I look forward to rather than feeling it is an obligation.

I have redefined words in my vocabulary. I now live my life with passion, focus, enthusiasm and commitment like I have never done before. It is amazing how my children responded to me once I began to truly focus on them and what is important to them in their life. My life has been impacted in a very positive way and I wanted to simply say thank you for the most powerful weekend of my life.

I look forward to your coming to Atlanta for training and assisting you any way I can to be successful in your Atlanta training experiences.
Alan D. Rabb, Controller
North America Regional Sales & Marketing