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Scott is an amazing and inspiring leader who has developed a… see more company, Empower U, that offers the most impressive leadership training I have ever witnessed. His training provides you with tools that you can use to improve every facet of your life including work, family, friends, sports, and more. If you are ready for a life changing experience to raise the bar on your quality of live then you owe it to yourself to contact him. You will achieve a more optimum level of balance and peace in your life. Empower U has helped build the culture of many companies across the globe including Kraft, Coca-Cola, Tony’s Fine Foods, Maytag, Nabisco, Nugget Market, Descor Builders, and ours at Blast Advanced Media. I trust Scott implicitly and highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve any or all aspects of their life. Want to be a better father, boss, leader, teammate, husband, or friend? Don’t wait any longer…contact Scott.

Thank you,

Kayden Kelly
President, Managing Director