Baylor Health Care System Foundation

Dear Empower U Team,

Wow! Who would have thought an analytical, skeptical control nut like me could have embraced such an unusual process? I am so thankful I did.

I recommend Leadership Awakening to anyone who ants to stretch themselves. You will find the man or woman you are designed to be.

Each of my staff members has been given the opportunity to enroll in a Leadership Awakening class. I want them to become the parents, siblings, children and leaders they can be. I look forward to re-meeting each one of them.

This is the way to live!
April B. Box
Vice President

Dear Mr Black,

I compliment you and the staff of Empower U for your insight and dedication in your campaign to make each of us rise to the challenge of growth and honesty. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I thank you for the difficult, challenging, unique and rewarding experience of Leadership Awakening. If you ever want to change the name of the class, perhaps “Spiritual Bootcamp” merits consideration.

I greatly benefited from the lessons learned; especially in relationships with loved ones and colleagues, the experience stripped me of any “blind spots”. Such uncompromising honesty has indeed set me free. The experience reinforced fundamental concepts and was a great gift in learning about myself and seeing others learn as well. I believe that as other colleagues have this experience, our workplace will undergo a profound change. Others will, as I did, experience dramatic realizations.

I thank you and the staff for putting me clearly back in touch with critical life truths and revealing a new meaning of purpose, commitment, passion and focus. Leadership Awakening is an important tool in my effort to become a better person every day and achieve a life that matters.
Jennie Ball, Ph.D.
Grants Specialist