Barter Business Unlimited

Dear Scott,

Many years ago, I went to Washington, D.C. with my family to visit all of our national treasures. Near the Lincoln Monument, overlooking the Potomac River I discovered an interesting statue entitled “The Awakening”. It was a hundred-foot person looking up to the sky with a gaze that I will never forget. However, after attending your Leadership Awakening program, I can genuinely say that I have looked inward, not to the sky – to my mind, body and soul for my personnel awakening and I would like to thank you for this life changing experience!

It has been over a month now since I attended the EmpowerU training and everyday I find that I can make new changes to improve my life and the way our business operates. Your awakening has become my call to strive for excellence in my life and in the daily operation of my business. As the head of business exchange and barter company, I have a staff of over 20 full-time brokers that each handles over 100 customers. The challenge for these brokers to maintain a high-level of customer satisfaction takes a lot of energy from each one of them. This is why I have started to send our BBU brokers to the Leadership Awakening sessions as well. Already, the majority of our brokers have taken trips to Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas for your Awakening weekends and have returned all ready to take on the world on in a different light!

I look forward to attending the upcoming Leadership Adventure. I really want to thank you for your commitment to my personnel development and for your attention and dedication that you have shown to my business and my staff.

Forever Grateful.
Debbie Lombardi