Avail Medical Products

Dear Reader:

In January 2002, on the referral of a personal friend, I reluctantly went through Empower U’s Leadership Awakening. (Spending two more nights away from home after traveling extensively in the course of my job was not an attractive proposition.) Having attended, I am so grateful for the referral to a truly unique, effective program that was life-changing, both personally and professionally, with obvious daily benefits even after 18 months.

As the President of Avail Medical Products (an international provider of manufacturing, design and development services to the medical industry), I recognized the potential value of allowing and encouraging as many of our management group as possible to experience the “awakening”, just as I had.

Today, I am pleased to say that over 30 of our managers have been to the Leadership Awakening with many more scheduled to attend over the next few months. Additionally, 18 of our managers have been through the second phase of the Leadership Awakening the Leadership Challenge, and have succeeded in being challenged to “Want it, Create it and Live it.”

Over the past 18 months I have heard countless comments from attending employees that their lives have been positively changed forever. In addition to the benefits of increased passion and focus dramatically affecting their professional lives, they say they have been impacted outside of business to be better parents, spouses and community participants. In fact, many credit the Leadership Awakening with making the way for them to experience a new level of connectedness to their loved ones.

In addition to sponsoring employees to attend, I have personally sponsored several friends and my teenage daughter for the program.

You can impact your life by choosing to attend. You can positively impact those in your circle of influence by encouraging them to attend. Your organization and network of friends will thank you for the experience.

I am forever changed. Avail is changing person by person. My family is stronger and the effects of Empower U’s Leadership Awakening are responsible. Thank you Scott V. Black and staff of Empower U!

J. Randall Keene