Auto Diesel Electric, Inc.

Scott V. Black and the Empower U staff:

When I had completed Leadership Awakening in January of 1999, what an Awakening I had. On a very personal, family, level it changed my life and opened my eyes to the better person I would become. So when I signed up for Leadership Adventure it was hard for me to imagine that this class could top that. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

Leadership Adventure is exactly what the name implies.

It was to bring out the leadership skills of every person, in their own way, and to form a team out of individuals that you would literally trust your life to. It is really amazing how complete strangers on Friday can become so close and trusting of each other by Sunday.

Our eyes were opened to what can really be accomplished when a group of people work together for a common goal. My eyes were opened to what I can accomplish when focused on something I never thought possible for me to do… and then doing it. Every person has their own strengths and when we know what they are they can then be put to the proper use. Would I take this class again, YOU BET!

What an experience! This class was not like Leadership Awakening, to me it was on a whole different level. This level goes beyond the personal and into the workplace and beyond!

For your commitment and the great Adventure, I thank you.
Lloyd Carr
Auto Diesel Electric -Team ADE