AUI General Contractors

Dear Scott,

On behalf of AUI, I want to thank you for your commitment to our company. As you are well aware, what was planned for our class and what you and your staff accomplished were quite different. When we started the class there was a wide range of “attitudes”; this was mainly brought on by the FEAR (false evidence appearing real) that filled the room. Your ability to sense, react and change that attitude was amazing, to say the least. The results of which was a truly customized class based on our team; the effectiveness of which I believe took our group to the next level.

Scott, thanks again for your commitment to do “Whatever It Takes” to deliver a quality program with remarkable results. We are looking forward to raising the bar together.

Glenn A Strother

Dear Scott,

What a weekend! Our team 130 said it best “100% Life”. When I first heard about Empower U training I was skeptical and guessed it was just another motivational speaker who would get me pumped up and it would last a couple of weeks after attending. WOW! was I wrong, this is all about a new way of life and living it to the fullest. Leadership Awakening is by far, the best training I have ever experienced in my life.

I’m ready for more EmpowerU training courses, because I know it will provide the direction for continued self improvement. I NOW control the destiny of my goals. I NOW enjoy speaking before large groups of people I NOW communicate positive and effectively with family and colleagues. I NOW wake up everyday full of excitement to make a difference in the world around me. I NOW Want it, Create it, Live it. I challenge all persons from any culture, background, belief or earning level to Raise the Bar and attend Leadership Awakening, you will thank youself for it everyday.

Scott, THANKS again for showing me the way to 100% Life.

Doug Arumbaugh
Executive Vice President/Owner