American Athletic, Inc.

Dear Scott,

Wow! What an incredible experience! To say that the Leadership Awakening class I just completed exceeded my expectations would be a tremendous understatement. Before attending, I was apprehensive and skeptical, but I now know the true meaning of Heart, Body and Soul!

Over the past twenty years, I have spent literally thousands of dollars on various training classes, seminars, tapes and books. I can honestly say that just two days of Leadership Awakening taught me more than all those previous materials combined. How one can feel so exhausted, yet totally exhilarated, after jhust 48 hours is simply incredible. It is truly something to be experienced.

I have already purchased a block of additional classes for my key managers and I am anxious to share my renewed Passion with others in my life in hopes that they, too, will be eager to attend. With renewed Purpose, Focus and Commitment, there is no doubt in my mind that a few can make a tremendous difference in the world today!

Thanks again for an outstanding and impactful two days!

Yours in Heart, Body & Soul,
Jeff Bramble